About Author

About Author

My name is bunthoeurn !


  • Implement project for customers.
  • Prepare project UAT, document training after finishing the project.
  • Provide basic support base on service desk ticket.
  • Provide End User training and documentation.
  • Maintenance & management of the Critical Windows based Server Environment.
  • Maintaining up to date Antivirus levels on all machines across the company.
  • Working on Active Directory and controlling IT user accounts, create email account and account for office 365 and much more.
  • Managing and monitoring of backups in multiple locations.
  • Providing maintenance support.
  • Follow documented processes i.e., implementing change control procedures.
  • Meeting with company Authority IT Service and Company Managers.
  • Troubleshooting technical problems.
  • System upgrades both at workstation and Server level.
  • Purchasing of IT Equipment and software in line within agreed budgets.
  • Supporting a multi-location IT infrastructure.
  • Provide fast and accurate troubleshooting and rectification of reported faults.
  • Managing Windows File Server, Mail Exchange Server, Virtualization and VMware vSphere.
  • Monitoring and installing camera Security.
  • Monitoring and managing wireless connectivity.
  • Daily checking printer and Phone System.


  • MCP Azure Administrator Associate
  • MCP M365 Fundamental
  • MCP M365 Security Associate
  • MCP M365 Expert
  • MCSA Windows Server 2016
  • Teams Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 2020

How My Knowledge started

When I was young, I had a class in a primary school and never heard about what is called Informatics (IT). I went for a walk to school. I hopped in the class without knowing what kind of material we are going to talk about. I never used a computer before until i went to university.

Change the world

Fast forward, eighteen years later. My goal is to share others around me by educating them, not only by limiting technology but also by sharing with everyone hungry to learn. To make us better than we were yesterday. I hope that I can be the person who will help you or give you that extra push in life.

Thank you for reading.

We know we Can do it ! We have to believe in Ourselves ! You can do it !

Bunthoeurn SIN

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