Windows Server 2022 (updated June 2022)

Windows Server 2022 (updated June 2022)

Windows Server 2022 (updated June 2022) (x64) – DVD (English)

Windows Server 2022 is the next release in the Long term servicing channel. It introduces advanced multilayer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure and a flexible application platform.

As part of this release, Windows Server is getting secured-core capabilities to secure systems that would run workloads on Windows Server 2022. Secured-core server builds on technologies such as Windows Defender System Guard and Virtualization-based Security to minimize risk from firmware vulnerabilities and advanced malware. The new release also provides secured connectivity by introducing several new capabilities such as faster and more secure encrypted HTTPS connections and industry standard SMB AES 256 encryption. Windows Server 2022 improves hybrid server management and has an enhanced event viewer and many more new capabilities in Windows Admin Center. Furthermore, this release includes improvements to Windows containers, such as smaller image size for faster download, simplified network policy implementation and containerization tools for .NET applications.

Released: 21/Jun/2022

SHA256: D98E02D7324F2FAD404C6822A11D83A052A3F2BB0F94D10BEFBA64EE0BB2AC4F

File name: en-us_windows_server_2022_updated_june_2022_x64_dvd_ac918027.iso


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